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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy Mentally And Physically

As dog owners, we want to keep our furry friends as happy and healthy as possible. Regardless of your dog's breed, all canine companions require a certain standard of care to remain physically and mentally fit. Here are some things we can do for our dogs to ensure they stay in top condition and happy.

Quality Veterinary Care

High-quality veterinary care is the foundation for your pup's overall health. Once you've found a veterinarian you trust, ensure you attend routine wellness examinations with your dog. All dogs must be updated on their vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick prevention medications. Dogs age much faster than their human companions, which makes annual veterinary care essential to early diagnosis and treatment of any medical issues that may arise.

Proper Nutrition

Dogs need proper nutrition to stay in shape both mentally and physically. Your dog's diet affects his weight, energy level, skin, coat, and gastrointestinal function. Feed high-quality dog foods to your pup and watch for any issues with weight gain and energy levels. If your dog isn't responding well to the food you provide, consider making changes after consulting your vet.

Ample Physical Exercise

Dogs need a lot of physical exercise to stay happy and healthy. If a dog is bored, it may act out with destructive behavior or develop depression and anxiety. If your dog eats a nutritious diet, he will have plenty of energy that needs to be released through exercise and play. The amount of physical activity your dog needs as he ages will change, but even senior pups need a certain level of exercise. Find ways to engage with your dog to increase his physical activity, like daily walks, playing fetch in the backyard, and weekly visits to a dog park.

Stimulating Mental Exercise

Depending on their breed, dogs can get bored quickly; some may develop behavior disorders without enough stimulating mental exercise. For example, working dog breeds are hardwired to perform jobs. If you have an active dog and live in an apartment, she will need both physical exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy. One way to engage any dog in mental exercise is through dog training. Dogs love to learn, and teaching them to follow commands and how to perform tricks keeps them mentally stimulated and confident.

Stay In Tune With Your Canine Companion

Because our dogs can not speak to us, they communicate with us differently. We must stay in tune with our canine companions and rely on the signs they give us to help them stay happy and healthy. Your dog may develop a mild illness that resolves itself without warning signs. But often, dogs will instinctively try to conceal signs of severe disease out of self-preservation. If your dog displays signs that all may not be well, make an appointment with your vet immediately.


Our canine companions depend on us to keep them happy and healthy. We can ensure our furry friends a long and healthy life through regular vet visits, proper diets, mental and physical exercise, and vigilance.

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