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Hi! I’m Laura, the founder of The Dog Training Academy in Miami, FL. I’m a passionate and certified dog trainer whose mission in life is to help dog owners understand their pets and their natural behaviors. As an experienced dog care provider and dog behavior specialist, I believe all pets deserve a good home. I want to reduce the percentage of dogs abandoned in the USA through proper dog training techniques, aimed at helping pet owners and pet lovers communicate with their furry family members. 


 I was born in Paris in the late 1980s. After asking my parents over and over for a dog (it seemed endless at that age), I finally got my first pet at age 3 – a poodle named Winnie! Although cute and cuddly, Winnie was an aggressive dog who misbehaved often. My family was not prepared to handle his aggression, and we had to put him up for adoption. I still remember the sadness I felt when Winnie left us. My goal is to educate dog owners so that this scenario never repeats itself in the lives of any of my clients! Due to this story in my early childhood, I deeply understand every dog owner who feels desperate to change their dog’s behavior. 


Dogs have always been the center of my world. As a young adult, I considered becoming a veterinarian, and studied biology as an undergraduate. However, I felt devastated whenever I worked with dogs in distress or in extreme pain. I also knew that I was interested in business, so I went on to earn my Masters in Business Administration degree. However, throughout the years, I felt that something was missing. Destiny and faith combined to show me that I was destined for something bigger. I decided to follow the path I had always loved – caring for dogs! I pursued my dog training certification in order to apply my passion, drive, and calling to save animals lives. 


I absolutely love dogs and care for them as members of my family. As a care provider, I cared for up to 17 dogs at a time and walked up to 6 at a time.  I have also volunteered in animal shelters, like the humane society, to help dogs learn the proper behaviors to become more adoptable. My training method is positive reinforcement to help dogs learn effectively, in a fun and interactive way, but most importantly to create and strengthen a strong bond between dogs, and their owners.

I firmly believe that I offer the best dog training services in Miami, and I would be happy to help you with your dog’s behavior! I have one dog, Toby, a border collie who is my best friend.  He inspires me every day to do my part to reinforce the bonds between humans and dogs. Contact me today to learn more about how The Dog Training Academy can serve you and your pet!

About Me

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