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The Dog Training Academy

Positive Reinforcement Training
Dog Behavioral Specialists
Puppy & Beginner 

Help your dog master the basics of training & earn a Graduation Certificate.

Puppy: 10 weeks to 5 months

Beginner: 5 + months with no previous training

Key Lessons but not limited to:

  1. Introducing basic cues like "Sit"/"Down"/"Stay"

  2. Basic manners & problem prevention

  3. Socialization with people & other dogs

  4. Loose Leash Walking skills

  5. "Take it"/" Leave it"/ "Drop it", "Touch"

  6. Can be tailored to customer's need

Intermediate Level Courses

Have your dog learn more advanced behaviors and earn a Graduation Certificate

Prerequisites: Puppy/Beginner Certificate or comparable skills

Key Lessons but not limited to:

  1. Review "Sit","Down", "Stay" & gain reliability with added distance, distractions & durations

  2. "Heel" command

  3. "Stay" with distraction, and duractions

  4. "Place" to avoid begging for food at dinning table

  5. Can be tailored to customer's need

Advanced Training

Reinforce your dog's reliability in a variety of real life situations & earn a Graduation Certificate 


Intermediate Certificate or Comparable skills

Key Lessons but not limited to:

  1. Learn manners while out in public and real life situations

  2. Advanced "Heel" Commands with distractions

  3. Practicing cues for fast and reliable responses from your dog

  4. Learning tricks like"please"

  5. Fading away treat aids to perform commands

  6. Can be tailored to customer's need

Stress Free Program

For behavior problems due to separation anxiety and any type of reactivity; 


No prior training required

Key Lessons but not limited to:

  1. Learn tools & technics to reduce your dog's stress level to a manageable state

  2. Tips to help your dog feel confident in real life situations

  3. Learn dog body language to detect any signs of stress and how to remedy to it

  4. Can be tailored to customer's need

Therapy Sessions

Feel free to contact us now to get  tailored quote

About The Founder

            Hi! I’m Laura, the founder of The Dog Training Academy in Miami, FL. I’m a passionate and certified dog trainer from Animal Behavior College, and my mission in life is to help dog owners understand their pets and their natural behaviors. As an experienced dog care provider and dog behavior specialist, I believe all pets deserve a good home. I want to reduce the percentage of dogs abandoned in the USA through proper dog training techniques, aimed at helping pet owners and pet lovers communicate with their furry family members. 


            I was born in Paris, France in the late 1980s. After asking my parents over and over for a dog (it seemed endless at that age), I finally got my first pet at age 3 – a poodle named Winnie! Although cute and cuddly, Winnie was an aggressive dog who misbehaved often. My family was not prepared to handle his aggression, and we had to put him up for adoption. I still remember the sadness I felt when Winnie left us. My goal is to educate dog owners so that this scenario never repeats itself in the lives of any of my clients! Due to this story in my early childhood, I deeply understand every dog owner who feels desperate to change their dog’s behavior. 

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Our Approach

The Dog Training  Academy is committed to educating our clients and their furry best friends with a scientifically proven dog-training method, based upon dog psychology. Through our comprehensive dog training system, you will learn to be the “leader of your pack” – the authority figure in charge of a calm, obedient pet! 


Our wide variety of advanced canine training curricula are perfect for the modern day and your busy schedule. Our methods reflect decades of experience, combined with a premier educational background in dog training. We train using positive reinforcement – a constructive, encouraging and fun way to teach your dog how to become a fully integrated part of your family.

We are headquartered in Miami, Florida, and are ready to assist you!

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Getting Help

At The Dog Training Academy, we strive to provide a humane, reward-based training methodology to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your pet. Browse our site to learn more about us or contact us to schedule a consultation.









The Dog Training Academy does an amazing job. It not only trains dogs, but also constructively helps owners understand their dogs better. Thumbs up for The DTA!

Robert .G. Age 47

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